Learn to Bowl Videos

Tenpin Bowling . . . it’s an easy game to learn!

We offer learn to bowl lessons to help you to become a better bowler and improve your scores. To help get you started on learning the basics, simply watch these videos then hit the lanes and start knocking down the pins!

Super Bowl Warwick
is open 7 days a week!

• 24 Lanes of Tenpin Bowling

• Automatic Bumpers

• Licensed Cafe

• Amusement Machines

• Birthday Parties & Fun Functions

• Great Music, Videos & Disco Lighting

• Pro Shop: Balls, Bags, Shoes & Accessories

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Phone: 08 9246 5088

Super Bowl Warwick

12 Dugdale Street,
Warwick, WA, 6024

Super Bowl Centres are proudly WA Owned and Operated for over 40 years!